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Here at Kinder Active, we offer a range of Activity Clubs to suit any child. All our activities are aimed at improving confidence and agility. Classes run on weekends at Kinder Active. We offer a wide range of activities suitable for all children. 

Classes include

Kinder Kickers:

Kinder Kickers is a fun class to help develop your child's physical fitness and spacial awareness.  The program is designed to enhance your child’s motor skills through activities using a ball.  Our classes will involve numbers, ABC's, shapes, body and colours.  All our classes boost your child’s concentration, memory, self esteem and self confidence.  These skills will benefit your child throughout their life.

Kinder Kickers is available for children from 18 months old!!

Kinder Dance: 

Kinder Dance is an excellent way to introduce your child to creative dance activities.  Our fun and active dance classes help develop gross motor skills and builds self confidence. Kinder Active teachers make sure all students feel comfortable and help each child get the best out of every class.  

Sign child up today and start to see the real benefits: greater confidence and see their concentration and awareness skills improve. Kinder Dance is available for children from 18 months old.

Kinder Racket:

Kinder Racket is a fun way to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, build their listening and social skills, balance, movement, fitness and self confidence. During fun, structured lessons, children are encouraged to think independently, work in a team and carry out instructions. Kinder Racket helps develop skills which will benefit your child throughout life!

Children will use specialist equipment to help them achieve their goals and make the lessons fun!! Each class is age appropriate, so that children will enjoy themselves and want to come back again. We sing songs, play games and make their Kinder Racket experience lots of fun!

This program is available for children from 18 months old. Help your child have a happy, balanced and confident childhood at Kinder Active!! 

Homework Club:

Our homework club runs from 5pm - 7pm on weekdays and is supervised by a team member who is fully qualified to teach. Your children can do all their homework with assistance from our staff, if required, and then join in with an activity.

Homework club is available to children from 4 years old.

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