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Kinder Active is a unique concept that has been brought to the UK from Singapore.  It is a program designed by Sarah Suckling who lived as an expatriate in Singapore for 15 years. During her time there she designed a unique program for children from 18 months to 12 years.  Over 5000 children enrolled into the programme which became a huge success. Children as young as 18 months were taking part and enjoying physical activity and, without realising it, creating a happy and healthy life style at a young age.   Children as old as 12 would join in the programme and gain self confidence to take part in other physical activities. Sarah is delighted to be back in the UK and opening Kinder Active. The first activity centre is in Bournemouth and Kinder Active London W2 is due to open early next year!

Kinder Active is an Pre-school and activity-based member’s club aiming to provide your child with the confidence they need for life. We work alongside organisations such as UK Active to help promote healthy living and an active lifestyle within the latest generation of children. Catering for children from 6 months up, we endeavor to help your child build confidence and a sense of genuine achievement throughout their early years, and set them on the right path to develop into healthy, confident and happy people.

Many Pre Schools believe that education is best suited to a classroom, however at Kinder Active our aim is to get children learning through other means. Our program facilitates the learning of numeracy and literacy through being active. We have developed our programs to incorporate the fundamental aspects of early education such as, counting, reading and writing, but aim to deliver these skills in a unique manner. Through our games and activities your child will feel a sense of satisfaction whilst learning with us, and believe that they are achieving, whether they’re counting the goals they’ve scored or tennis balls they’ve hit over the net each child leaves at the end of the day with their confidence heightened.

It has been proven that the early years of childhood contribute hugely to a child’s future, and so having a confident and happy child will help them in their future life. One of our core aims is building confidence and to providing children with the confidence they need to step off on the right foot in their future lives. We do this by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. We are partnered with UK Active, who are also seeing the benefits of our program and are actively supporting our work.

In 2014 61% of adults were overweight or obese, and over the last 30 years, the trend has seen this figure continue to rise. However, coinciding with the work of the UK government, we’ve created a program to help try to put a stop to this rise. By allowing children to enjoy and understand the benefits of being healthy and active, we hope that they will grow up maintaining these ideals and as a result be more active and healthy adults.

The benefits of being active at a young age also stretch much further than the issue of obesity. If a child is actively engaged in physical activity from a young age, it has been proven that they show an increase in confidence and self esteem, and so as they grow, they develop into happier and more comfortable people, not just in sport but also academically. If a child believes that they are capable, they become more productive, happy and confident, therefore removing any boundaries that may force them to shy away from certain tasks.

At Kinder Active, our aim is to help each child reach their potential and grow into fit, healthy and active people through our programs, and develop life skills that each child will realise to be crucial. Our activies allow your child to take full advantage of our facility and excellent programs as well as additional benefits, such as the use of the crèche facility on weekends and one week activity camp during the school holidays. At Kinder Active we also run children’s parties where you can treat your little one to a birthday they’ll remember, with balloons, games and endless fun. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at Kinder Active soon. 

Students are expected to wear the Kinder Active uniform, which can be purchased in our shop.  To ensure our premisses stay clean we allow indoor shoes only.

We also encourage students to bring water and snacks which they can enjoy at break time.

We will keep parents regularly up to date with their child’s progress and invite parents to attend open days.  It is Kinder Active's policy to reward good behaviour, and individual achievements to keep your child focused and motivated to do their best.  Therefore they should be bringing home their individual rewards.  This will encourage each child to proudly discuss with their parents what they have been doing at Kinder Active. 

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