Complaints Procedure

Statement of Intent:  At Kinder Active children and parents are entitled to expect prompt service and courteous attention.  Any concern will be dealt with quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff.  In the unlikely event of serious concerns, they will be dealt with by the complaint procedure detailed below.

Our aims: Kinder Active will strive to resolve any concerns to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.

Procedure for Complaint:

Stage 1
Talk through any worries or concerns with a member of staff who will resolve the complaint informally at this stage.

Stage 2
If the problem recurs or if the parent is not happy with the outcome, the second stage is to put the concerns in writing to the Supervisor of Kinder Active.

Stage 3
The Supervisor will then deal with the complaint and liaise with the parent to discuss a suitable solution to the complaint.  At this stage the complaint outcome will be recorded and kept in a Complaints file.

Stage 4
If at this stage the problem has not been resolved, the Supervisor will refer the complaint to the Director of Kinder Active who will then contact the parents to reach a suitable solution.