Meet The Team

Hannah – Pre-School Leader

I am level 4 qualified in Early Childhood (Early years educator) and currently in the process of completing my level 5 qualification in Early Childhood. I am highly ambitious to encourage children to achieve to their full potential and I am very willing to take on challenges and different opportunities in order to help children succeed and reach their goals. I love being enthusiastic and believe that children learn best through being actively involved in a variety of opportunities, therefore I am excited to work with my team members in order to support your child with their learning and development.

Iain – Manager

Jess – Early years educator

I am currently in the process of completing my level 3 diploma of the Early Years Workforce apprenticeship. I strongly believe that children best learn through active working and having a variety of sports to choose from can really help them achieve their best. I am very determined to help and guide children to reach their full potential and I have no hesitation when it comes to taking on new experiences and challenges to ensure that children can have the best opportunities possible for them to reach their best. I am very enthusiastic and I am excited to work with my team members to help support your child develop new skills and expand their knowledge.

Sol – Early years educator

I am passionate and enthusiastic about both sport and child education.Prior to joining the team, I have undertaken work experience in several schools, as well as being an independent childminder. Where my love for sport and child education grew. I am currently a Lawn Tennis Association young leader and also have experience in coaching both Football and Table Tennis. I also have experience in playing both Football and Table Tennis internationally. These are very much my hobbies and I enjoy watching others grow and succeed through their sport. I believe that every child can achieve, develop and prosper by being active. Therefore, learning new skills, reaching new goals and enjoying their early years will,I feel, help the children reach their fullest potential. I want to be able to kick start each child’s healthy and happy life, as well as being a part of each child’s development and learning journey here at Kinder Active.

Megan – Early years educator

I have just started my first year of my childcare course at Bournemouth and Poole college. While I was in year 11 I was fortunate to help at my local primary school in reception, I supported the children in their PE lessons which was where my sports leader course was put into practice and with their everyday learning. I like to nurture children and make sure they are in a safe, happy and caring environment because this will be when they reach their full potential.I am ambitious and will help children achieve and reach their goals.


I am now studying my level 3 early years diploma. I participate in different sports specialising in dancing which is why I believe the sports and movement can really help you get to where you want to be and help express yourself. I believe children’s best outcome is when they are physically involved within the work that they are taking part in as they can visualise and do it for themselves. It enables you to see the development of their skills and how they become more confident and able in what they doing. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about helping children to achieve and strive for their goals and help their development to grow and reach their full ability. I enjoy the challenges of helping them achieve through the different variations of movement to help your child discover themselves in the best ways possible for them to reach their potential.