Kinder Active’s aims:

At Kinder Active, our aim is to teach in a fun, pressure-free environment where children can learn to gain a sense of achievement and confidence through being active and using independence to become positive individuals. We want to give your child a positive introduction to being active and seeing activities and sport as a fun, enjoyable experience. Therefore our students are more likely to stay healthy and active throughout life. At kinder Active the child is paramount, therefore our team always aim to meet your child’s needs and provide them with a positive atmosphere and friendly, supportive practitioners with the relevant qualifications and DBS checks.

All our Kinder Active activities are educational.  We aim to stimulate every child’s imagination and develop early learning by using colours, numbers, shapes, alphabet, body parts, following instructions and being part of a team in all our classes.

Following the early years curriculum:

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) through a unique programme that is sports based. We believe that children learn best through the freedom of movement. Therefore, giving children the opportunitiy to complete curriculum based activities through sport is a great way to keep them focused on learning without even realising. Not only does our approach enhance children’s wellbeing and healthy lifestyle, it has a huge impact on all area’s of the child’s development. Sports can help to gain confidence and sense of achievement, relieve stress, form positive relationships with peers (team work) and gain control of small and large movements.

At Kinder Active we use the EYFS Development matters guidance to ensure that all 3 Prime areas (Personal, social and emotional development, Physical development and Communication and Language) and all 4 Specific areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and expressive arts and design) are included in our daily routine. We understand the importance of adapting activities to each child’s individual age, needs and interests to help them progress to their best potential. Activities for the 2-year olds include a more active approach where the children are motivated and engaged for a shorter period. This is because younger children may easily lose interest and want to move on to something new. The activities are also simplified, and more props are used to support the younger children with their learning and development. Activities for the 3 and 4-year olds include a more structured approach in preparation for school, using children’s next steps we also provide more challenging activities to help them progress. However, all the children are still encouraged to take the lead so that practitioners can follow the children’s imaginative ideas and find opportunities in play to educate the children.

The nursery environment is set up to encourage children to explore, be active learners and think critically. The daily planning will involve changes to the environment and resources available to the children, this is to support each child and their own needs and interests. As good practice regular observations are carried out on the children and practitioners use reflection skills to plan appropriate activities suitable for the children.


Outdoor play:

 We are fortunate enough to be located in the centre of beautiful Bournemouth town and although Kinder Active does not have it’s own outdoor space, we have access to wonderful outdoor experiences. Every child at Kinder Active Pre-school is given the opportunity for an outing to gain fresh air, freedom and independence. Daily risk assessments are made for our local outings so that the environment is made as safe as possible for the children. Our daily visits would be the local park, beach and Bournemouth gardens. Small groups will be taken out at a time to ensure the ratio is maintained and that all the children will be safe when leaving Kinder Active premises.

 Kinder Active will have an enourmous postive impact on your child’s education and life. Every child shines at Kinder Active!!!

When attending your child’s Induction Day, you will be provided with more detailed and helpful guides and what to expect at Kinder Active Day Nursery, you will have time to meet our team and ask any questions, as we want you and your child to have a great experience.  

To find out more information or book your child an induction day please call 01202 299220 or email