Session Times

Kinder Active Pre-school session times:

Opening times for Day Nursery and full day care: (Please note, Kinder Active only enrolls children aged 2-5 years)

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Breakfast club 8am-9am

Morning session 9am-12:30pm

Lunch club 12:30-1:30pm

Afternoon session 1:30pm-5pm

All day 9am-5pm

Supper club 5-6pm

Early years government funding avaliable subject to status.


What you need to bring to Kinder Active Day Nursery:

To keep the environment clean and safe, we ask that children have indoor trainers that you may keep at Pre-school if you wish. Due to weather conditions children are expected to bring wellington boots so that they are prepared for when we make outings. School uniform is essential for the children’s safety. Pre-school coats have high visibility fabric, which makes it easy to identify the children to the staff. Therefore it is crucial they have their coats with them when they attend Pre-school. During the colder months we ask that children wear their Kinder Active hats and you can bring gloves and scarfs to keep the children warm and happy. In the warmer months we recommend that you provide sun cream for your own child, that is clearly labelled and in it’s original packaging. We will note in your child’s communication book the time and date it was applied. A water bottle or drink is needed at Pre-school as the children will be active and need refreshments. A packed lunch and snacks is important, to help keep the children energised throughout the day. A spare change of trousers and pants is useful due to accidents or spillages. If your child is still in nappies, we ask that you provide the nappies and wet wipes so that we can meet your child’s needs.



If your child has allergies or requires medication, please bring in the medication, clearly labelled. You must notify us when it should be given to your child. We will keep track of when the medication has been given to your child and you will be required to sign the sheet at the start and end of each day. All medication for allergies (Inhalers, Epi Pen’s) will be kept labelled in a secure place, only accessible by the staff members so that we can provide your child with the correct treatment. For the safety of your child, you must inform us if your child has a new diagnosis and requires medication.